It is universally recognised that children need to be physically active in order to live healthy and confident adult lives. As adults one of our roles, particularly in the modern world, is to encourage children away from time in front of screens and out into the fresh air and sunshine to run and play.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has stated that only six out of ten children aged between five and fourteen years of age participate in sport outside of school. Active people reduce the risk factors associated with many diseases. Furthermore, an active lifestyle also is known to reduce stress and emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression. Most of our adult habits are formed in childhood, and physically active children mature into becoming physically active adults.

The physical benefits of sport and exercise for children are enormous. It encourages a healthy growth of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons, and helps with improved coordination and balance. There is an increase in cardiovascular fitness and a reduced risk of obesity. As well as improved social skills and interpersonal skills such as leadership and cooperation, the emotional benefits include improved sleep and a better ability to physically relax.

Some children, especially younger children, may not appreciate the discipline of organised sport, so encouraging activity in general is a great way of gaining the health benefits we have talked about. Stationary pursuits include watching television, computer games, homework and internet activities. The Australian government recommends that children should spend a maximum of two hours a day using electronic media, and that they spend a minimum of sixty minutes involved in physical activities each day.

The way we build or renovate our homes can encourage children to have an active outdoor lifestyle from the earliest ages. Brio has many styles and designs of exterior folding systems for the homeowner to use to create that special indoor/outdoor place for their family’s games. Adults will feel more comfortable that their children are safe while still being actively involved in outdoor activities. Passive supervision can be carried out by parents and caregivers with the doors wide open and children playing in the yard, blissfully unaware that their active play is being monitored from inside the home by a loving parent or friend.

Sliding door gear and exterior folding doors makes extra space for children to experience energetic play in the fresh air on balconies or verandahs, even in inclement weather. The door hardware and the beautifully crafted doors themselves are an attractive and functional addition to any home.

Parents can lead by example to encourage physical activity in their children. Family outings may include walking and playing soccer together to teach children the pleasure and importance of being physically active in a social context. Family support at sporting matches will long be remembered by the children. Time limits for sedentary activities such as computer games and television, which are set with love and an explanation of the importance of physical activities, are a good idea too.

Join a sporting club or association as a family. Try a bushwalking club or group in which the whole family can participate, and gain physical and social skills.