Downsizing is the new upsizing when it comes to designer homes. With more people deciding small and sophisticated outshines big and brash, the need for smaller homes means designers are using clever ways to squeeze all the use out of the available space.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have seen the big movement towards indoor/outdoor living. With real estate prices in major cities skyrocketing, home owners are extending their living spaces by incorporating versatile outdoor spaces into their daily lives.

If you are looking at adding an outdoor room, consider taking advantage of the vast variety of bifold doors on the market today from companies such as Brio who design and manufacture high quality door hardware. Their selection of sliding doors also needs mentioning with products suited to all tastes and width requirements. Using large retractable doors, lets you utilise the space to it’s fullest and gives an immense increase in the feeling of space.

Flooring is key to get right to create harmony between inside and out. The most common mistake people make is to use completely different materials in an outdoor space to what is found internally. While this approach can work if carefully considered, the best way to go is to simply continue the flooring material from inside to out. This provides visual harmony between the spaces and makes the room feel as though it continues.

If you are lucky enough to have a small city garden, think about your garden walls as an asset not a hindrance. The rolling stones where right…Paint them black to create a stunning backdrop to green foliage – contrary to common ideas about black, it can actually extend the visual space as black tends to fade to oblivion as well as providing a stylish modern feel to the space.